Broersky Residence – Sedona, Arizona


Dean Residence – Mystic Hills, Sedona, Arizona

“The Deans made this a fun project.  They were looking for a contemporary style, but brought a collection of antiques with them.  It was a very eclectic look and Carol did a fantastic job of selecting colors and finishes that complimented their antiques.”

“The structures’ form was influenced by the proximity of the red rocks.  It was imperative that the ceilings sloped up to capture the views.”

– Paul Overman


Siggins Residence – Forest Highlands Estates, Flagstaff, Arizona

“The Siggins Residence: This home was built in the late ’80’s, it was the first home ever to break ground in the prestigious Forest Highlands Estates, in Flagstaff, AZ.”

“It was an engaging challenge because the owner had 4 grown kids and he wanted guest suites for each of them. They all had to be identical so we stacked one over the other at opposite ends of the house. Each had great river rock fireplaces with see-through openings into the master baths. The father’s suite was the most modest of them all.”

“The home ended up being about 6,000 square feet and designed in the same lines as an old English hunting lodge with 6 masonry fireplaces. A lot of river rock and high glass with great views of the alpine landscape and the golf course. His daughter-in law chose a lot of the finishes such as the tile, flooring, cabinetry and hardware so it was a lot of fun to work with them.”

– Paul Overman


Lambly Residence – Sedona, Arizona

“This had to be the most fun of any job I’ve ever had, because they just came to town and gave me free rein. They said “do something fun, here’s our lot”. And there were just so many assets to the property, every direction you looked had different kinds of views. It was interesting trying to lay the rooms out in relation to the outdoor spaces. We got to play with the sun orientation. The design concept was “something that just evolved out of an old Anasazi Ruin”, it was a lot of fun developing that concept.”

– Paul Overman


“Paul creatively integrated our needs with the unique character of our site to create a true work of art.”

– Sherry Lambly


Bollig Residence – Sedona, Arizona



Freedman Residence – Sedona Golf Resort

“I strongly recommend Paul Overman as your custom home designer.  His design sensitivity coupled with his past experience as a builder of custom homes allows him to create a project that is architecturally beautiful as well as budgetarily responsive.”

– Rick Freedman, Stanton Custom Homes, L.L.C.


Ginn Residence – Jordan Park,  Sedona, Arizona

“The Ginn house provided somewhat of a challenge in that they had a lot of interior furnishings that were in the Asian theme. It was a little bit of a trick combining southwest and Asian, so I pulled in some Craftsman style details and drew from the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. The design was kind of an indigenous translation. I enjoyed playing with all the different genres and architectural vocabularies.”

– Paul Overman


Sheldon Residence – Sedona, Arizona

“My design philosophy congealed around this house and it involved taking natural materials, whether adobe clay, cedar lath ceilings, pine lodge poles, stucco and glass, natural flagstone and of course copper which is an indigenous material to Arizona. It was a spec house that my business partner and I put together, I designed it and he built it.”

“The other interesting thing about this lot is that it had an extremely deep arroyo running diagonally right through the middle of it.  We basically had to extend the house over the wash with the utility room, breakfast room and the kitchen bridging the arroyo while connecting the garage to the house. We created a water feature that took advantage of the wash and a little sitting area down there in the lower area under those rooms. It was amazing how much cooler it was down there because cold air goes to the lowest point and the air would just funnel through that wash. It was about 8 feet deep and it was a very pleasant place to sit and watch the water and enjoy the natural surroundings.”

“A walking bridge from the driveway to the front door spanned the arroyo leading to a water feature which created a wonderful entry sequence. I actually lived in the house for a few months and living among all the natural materials really solidified for me the importance of using natural materials in all my projects.”

– Paul Overman


Nadolny Residence – Sedona Golf Resort, Sedona, Arizona

“Here we were able to incorporate some Spanish heritage.  We incorporated deep arched wall openings and finishes were of the Spanish architectural vocabulary.

I love the idea of indigenous architecture that we have here in Arizona.  This home was on the golf course with great views of red rocks and outdoor spaces that related to those views and the greens so we managed to get great light in the various rooms, even though Spanish architecture can sometimes have rooms that are dark.”

– Paul Overman


Napp Residence – Casa Contenta Estates, Sedona, Arizona

Home Design by Paul Overman featured in Sedona Home & Garden

“This home is located in Casa Contenta in Sedona, AZ. Doug was a real outdoorsman, loved to camp, ride his bike and run. He had a home in the High Sierra’s of California and needed a place to thaw out a little bit here in the warmer climate of Arizona.”

“He was a wine collector and we provided a 1000 bottle wine room for him. He loved to cook so we put in a gourmet kitchen. Great views of the red rocks out of the kitchen, LR MB and he had a guest house which was accessible via a balcony off the back of the house.”

“We created an interesting water feature as you walked into the house. There was a cascading waterfall that was illuminated at night and drew your attention immediately. It meandered down along the entry way and lead you down into the front door.”

“He had a great outdoor living room with combined access to the Master bedroom and living room with a jacuzzi, fireplace and was a great additional living space.”

“Stephanie Larson did all of the interior design and she did a great job keeping it warm and inviting throughout.”

– Paul Overman


Nigro Residence – Mystic Hills, Sedona, Arizona

“This was the first house design that I played with the idea of a house evolving out of a Native Indian ruin. We have indigenous Anasazi and Hopi ruins in the area. I thought it would be interesting to incorporate that organic free form Anasazi style stonework into the architecture as part of our heritage. The house just sprung out of what we constructed as ruins – we incorporated some faux bedrock for patios that emerged into the living spaces to bring the outdoors in. A lot of light and angled glass were used to pick up the great views of Wilson Mountain and Elephant Rock in the Mystic Hills subdivision.”

-Paul Overman


Galloway Residence – Soldiers Pass, Sedona, Arizona

Additional Service Available – Conceptual Renderings