Design Philosophy

OvermanSign.50.frmSustainability – Without Sacrificing Luxury

I am committed to creating homes that connect people to their essential selves, to the environment and to their comfort, in short “sustainable building without sacrificing luxury”.

I believe that home design is a series of evolutions generating from the land and the relationship of the inhabitants to the land.  Our design process begins with an analytical assessment of the land’s assets with respect to interesting physical features.


Architectural Origins

Designing truly classic Southwest Regional Design is not a linear process, and many influences converge to flavor the ultimate design. Some of those include the original Native Americans of the region (collectively called the Anasazi), the Spanish, and the European pioneers.

Current projects focus on a more sustainable environment with factors like rain catchment, solar, and geothermal heating and cooling and permaculture in the landscape to aid in a sustainable design.