Sedona, Northern Arizona Home Designer - Paul Overman



My Background

Since receiving a Bachelor of Architecture in 1977, I have specialized in custom luxury home design for clients in Northern Arizona.

My Design Philosophy

I believe that home design is an evolution – generating from a connection with the land and developing a right sense of place for the home.  My design process begins with an assessment of the environmental aspects with respect to geographical features and finishes with a home that reflects the unique character of its’ inhabitants.

Sedona, in particular, has very unusual topography which creates an interesting challenge,  I strive to incorporate the natural assets of your site while honoring the indigenous architectural heritage of the southwest.

Architectural Origins

Designing truly classic southwest regional design is not a linear process, and many influences converge to flavor the ultimate designs of Paul Overman Design Studio, Inc. Some of those include the original Native Americans of the region (collectively called the Anasazi), the Spanish and the European pioneers.

On a Personal Note

I’ve found the intimate relationship engendered by working with each client one-on-one to be very satisfying. Relationship is an important component in developing personal, private, and public spaces within your home. This is a very engaging, creative, and exciting experience, and I intend that our relationship be collaborative and mutually empowering.

I take my position as your custom home designer seriously. I consider my role to be one of orchestrating the integration of your vision and desires with the natural assets of your site, while honoring the indigenous architectural heritage of the southwest.